How I found a bug in WooCommerce

Code Is Poetry

I love poems and sometimes I dare to write some to express my feelings that I cannot describe to anyone, actually I write to express pain and anger. But today I’m not gonna write any poem and you won’t get any chance to experience how worst my feelings are. Today I’m gonna tell you exactly how I found a bug in WooCommerce, which no one noticed before me. Isn’t it interesting and exciting?

Code Is Poetry, I hope you heard this before. This famous phrase is coined by WordPress and these 3 words extremely inspired me that I started to like WordPress very much and it became the only source of my livings. Honestly, WordPress is not just a tool for me; I have an emotional relationship with it. Let’s keep this story secret for another day.

I first heard about WordPress in 2011 and since then I always read books, articles, and blogs about it. Reading about WordPress became habitual. But only books, articles and blogs weren’t enough compared to my thirsty anymore. So I started to read codes. I read functions definition, classes definition or whatever feels interesting. I read because I wanna figure out WHY. I read because I wanna know things deeply. I read because I get the feeling of reading a poem. I believe every single line of code has a strong relationship with emotion, a logical emotion!

Recently started working on a WooCommerce project. So usually I spend most of my working time with WooCommerce and at short break I read WooCommerce core codes. Like other days I opened a file in my favorite IDE and started to read from the top. After reading few lines I got surprised! What, why it’s counting $all_notices it is supposed to count $notices. A Few seconds later I realized that I discovered a bug. Yahoo, I found a bug in WooCommerce!

So, this the story of my bug hunting. I hope you’ll start to read code and experience how code becomes poetry. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot by reading codes.

*Pardon me for my not so bad English!

Happy reading, happy hunting 🙂