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2015 - Present


Obi started working at ThemeBucket on 13th June 2015 and since then developed a few robust WordPress themes for ThemeForest which is used be the core business of ThemeBucket for 5 years. Then developed a few large scale WordPress sites and app including e-commerce, directory and insurance management. And now he leads the development of HappyAddons, and it’s one of his best poetry!

2014 - Present


Obi wanted to be a graphic designer and hence started his freelancing career as a logo designer at then he fell in love with “code is poetry” and moved to WordPress development on 23rd February 2014 and since then he’s always been a part time and often a full time WordPress developer at! And he is available for work.

About Me

Born in 1991 completed Higher Secondary in 2010 and got 2 major turns in life and reached where he is right now.
Md Obidullah is his official name and obiPlabon is the virtual and in short he uses Obi. He is an ambitious person and a believer.

He loves WordPress so much that now a days he is busy with his dream and he calls it WP Halum (halum means bengal tiger), actually it is a WordPress agency. He believes it can make a difference in his life as well as who believes what he believes! And he believes work should be fun and leaders should pioneer.



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WordPress 89%
Elementor 98%
WooCommerce 79%
HTML & CSS 93%
jQuery 80%
JavaScript 70%
Design 65%