Disable Bulk Smush Limit of WP Smushit

Did you know WP Smushit recently won an award for being an awesome image compression plugin? If you don’t know yet then please read this story first.

Okay, the award-winning plugin is developed by the WPMU Dev and has lots of awesome and super cool features. Like lossless compression, directory smush, automated optimization, multisite compatibility, bulk smush, and more and more… you can see an incomplete list here! I’m calling it incomplete because there are more and more … ❤ ❤ ❤

Some cool and very useful features are premium and should be because of the value those features add to the plugin. But personally, I don’t need all the value, so I didn’t buy and free features are more than enough for me. On the other hand, clients don’t wanna buy because surprisingly they have a very limited budget for me 😛 So, whenever I work on any performance optimization project for a freelance client I think, I wish this bulk smush feature were limitless!

WP Smushit has a limit (50 images) for bulk smush in the free version.

So, I created a plugin called WP Nonstop Smushit and it lets you bulk smush without any limit (you can call it limitless if you like the movie!) It doesn’t apply any sophisticated hack or any alien tech. It just waits and watches when WP Smushit reaches bulk smush limit and whenever the limit is triggered WP Nonstop Smushit does its 🧙‍(MAGIC)

This article was first published in medium.com
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